Mission Statement

Mission statement

Who we are? Access Logistic is a young and fast growing company. Our goal is to be the qualitative best transport providers for our partners.

Each executive enjoys longstanding experience in organizing transportation, in sales and management of employees. The cornerstones of our doings are motivation, competency, friendliness and honesty. These are our core USPs. We want our partners to not only be happy, but to be utterly satisfied. With this as our core motivation, we fulfill each task with passion, dedication and professionalism.

  • Employees

Engaging with one another is always open, fair and honest. We encourage our employees and expect motivation, personal initative, and performance. This, in turn, is remunerated well above average. We are convinced, that skilled and enthusiastic employees comprise our biggest capital. Working together as a team guarantees success. Each and every employee, as well as managers and executives, are trained on a regular basis through external trainers. By continuously educating our team, we manage to become a highly competent service provider. Teamwork takes precedence over individual interests. The team spirit allows us to be the excellent transport partner, that our customers and partners have come to expect and know. This is why we invest in language skills, education and continuous training way above average.


  • Our customers, entrepreneurs and partner

All of our business partners are extremely important to us and are treated with respect. Our core competencies in regards to international transportations are always conducted according to our credo: quality before quantity. We desire to convince with outstanding motivation, quality and competencies and we strive to achieve everything that we do, with those values in mind.


  • Environment

Access Logistic is aware of the social responsibilities it holds in regards to the environment and society. Particularly in modern times, with environmental awareness being pushed and made available, we are eager to make a valuable contribution and leave a clean place for our children and grandchildren. We completely avoid empty runs and make a point of applying only the newest engige technologies, as well as using alternative, environmentally-friendly and the shortest available transport routes. We endeavour to become pioneers through taking ecological and environmental steps for future generations to come. 

We are successful because…

…we maintain a big, international network…

we understand and execute our core competencies in regards to international transport to the best of our abilities

… we create successful and long lasting cooperations with our partners